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Neilly Group are leaders in the provision of environmental management and restoration services. They specialise in water way engineering, design and construction of streambank and gully erosion remediation works, urban stormwater and wetland design, modelling and construction. They work with their clients to understand the problem, develop the solution and deliver the outcome!

Technical expertise coupled with on ground experience ensures the team can deliver for government, private organisations, not-for-profits, utility companies, the resource sector and private businesses.

Widely recognised as the leading consultancy for erosion control in the catchments of the Great Barrier Reef, Neilly Group has consistently delivered designs and construction of remediation works more quickly and cost-effectively than their competitors.

Neilly Group are experts at site identification and sediment export calculations. They have undertaken extensive site investigation across a significant number of sites in the priority catchments of the Great Barrier Reef and have existing, established and trusted relationships with many of the landholders. If you are seeking a site to undertake projects for sediment or DIN offsets – they probably have the perfect site for your needs.


Bowlin Road – Fitzroy River

Endeavour River

Endeavour River, Cape York NRM

Burdekin River Pile Field

Burdekin River Pile Field, NQ Dry Tropics

Herbert River pile field

Herbet River – Terrain NRM

Reef Trust IV Gully Remediation Design Woodleigh Station, Herbert River Basin, QLD Terrain NRM, 2018

Woodleigh Station, Herbert River Basin, Terrain NRM

DRFA Streambank Remediation Design and Construction, Daintree River, QLD

Daintree River, Terrain NRM


Flinders River – Southern Gulf NRM

Reef Trust IV Gully Remediation Design And Construction Landers Station, Burdekin River Basin, Qld Greening Australia, 2019 - 2020

Landers Station, Burdekin River Basin, Greening Australia

DRFA Gully Remediation Design And Construction, The Oaks Station, QLD Northern Gulf NRM, 2019 – 2020

The Oaks Station, Northern Gulf NRM