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Neilly Group are industry leaders in the development of engineering design solutions to tackle the problem of gully erosion including within the Great Barrier Reef catchments in Queensland. Neilly Group have unparalleled experience in the design of gully erosion remediation solutions for Natural Resource Management (NRM) groups that execute the Reef Trust Gully Erosion Control Programme, which is funded by the Australian Government. This programme aims to reduce or manage fine sediment from gully erosion in Reef catchments, which is regarded as one of the highest water quality risks to the Great Barrier Reef.

Neilly Group have applied their expertise in gully erosion management and remediation for gully remediation projects located on grazing and agricultural properties for NRM groups including Cape York NRM, Terrain NRM, NQ Dry Tropics, Greening Australia, Catchment Solutions and the Fitzroy Basin Association in catchments ranging from the Normanby River basin in Cape York to the Fitzroy River basin in Central Queensland.

The Neilly Group approach to the remediation of gully erosion includes:
  • Minimal intervention solutions (pragmatic and relatively low-cost options), such as cattle exclusion fencing, porous check dams and revegetation.
  • Engineering intervention solutions such as:
    • Rock chute design and accompanying overland flow management bunds or contour banks for remediation of linear gully erosion; and
    • Reshaping and capping for remediation of large-scale alluvial gully erosion.
  • Construction support and quality assurance of engineering solutions, including Chartered Professional Engineer/Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland certification of designs and as-constructed works.
  • Use of 2d hydraulic modelling to determine and design solutions to minimise flow velocities and concentrated flow paths
  • Use of soil ameliorants such as gypsum, lime and various forms of organic matter to re-build topsoils and treat dispersive and eroding soils
  • Revegetation


Recent Projects

Reef Trust IV Gully Remediation Design Woodleigh Station, Herbert River Basin, QLD Terrain NRM, 2018

Woodleigh Station, Herbert River Basin, Terrain NRM

Reef Trust IV Gully Remediation Design And Construction Landers Station, Burdekin River Basin, Qld Greening Australia, 2019 - 2020

Landers Station, Burdekin River Basin, Greening Australia

DRFA Gully Remediation Design And Construction, The Oaks Station, QLD Northern Gulf NRM, 2019 – 2020

The Oaks Station, Northern Gulf NRM

LDC Gully Remediation Design And Construction Glen Bowen Station Gully 2 And Gully 4, Bowen River Basin, QLD NQ Dry Tropics, 2020

Glen Bowen Station Gully 2 And 4, Bowen River Basin, NQ Dry Tropics