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Neilly Group have been instrumental in the delivery of several peer-to-peer learning events that have occurred at sites across the Great Barrier Reef Catchments. All these events focused on increasing landholder involvement and capacity, through the provision of a safe space for interaction and shared learnings between landholders, engineers, and scientists.

In 2019 the bus tour included a visit of Glen Bowen Station Gully 1 around the time NGE were engaged to construct the remediation works (which we had also designed). In 2020 the bus tour returned to Glen Bowen to look at the remediated site 12 months on (following 1 wet season) and to also observe the recently remediated sites at Gully 2 and 4 on the property. During both events, NGE Principal Environmental Engineer James Allen presented to the audience (local graziers, interested community members, environmental scientists and engineers, natural resource managers and other stakeholders), an overview of the works planned for each of the sites, the remediation objectives and the engineering principles that were used.