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Neilly Group has extensive experience in understanding client’s needs, Project drivers and integrating design solutions with approval requirements. We are specialists in environmental management, impact assessments and managing associated permit and approvals process. Neilly group has built relationships within State government agencies and has an extensive network of expertise. Neilly Group ensures that environmental advice is based on innovative services, integrated within various technical disciplines, and effectively supports further developments, design, and mitigation considerations. Environmental reporting deliverables are high quality products. Neilly Group will help to navigate the approval and planning process effectively.

Neilly Group has the following capabilities:
  • Project scoping, risk assessment, desktop reviews, compliance checks.
  • Design and Construct Environmental Services (e.g., EMP (Construction), compliance checks).
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (Water, Soils, Acid sulphate soils, Biodiversity).
  • Environmental Management Documentation such as:
    • Environmental Management Plans (EMP),
    • Site Management Plans,
    • Monitoring Plans and Programs (Water, Soils, Flora and Fauna, Revegetation).
    • Technical Reports (Water, Soils, ASS, Ecology, Biosecurity)
  • Approvals and permits (State and federal legislations).
  • Development Application packages.
  • Significant Impact Assessments under EPBC 1999.
  • EPBC referral.
  • Offsetting under federal, State, and local offset policies.
  • Waterway Barrier Works and associated detailed design, constriction, investigations, and approvals.
  • Species management Programs (SMPs).
  • Marine Plant clearing permit.
  • Riverine Protection permit.
  • Vegetation management, clearing permit, clearing notifications, PMAVs.
  • Funding Applications and Supporting Documents (Disaster Recovery Funding, Disaster Resilience Funding, Reef Trust, Land Restoration Fund etc.).


Recent Projects


Bowlin Road – Fitzroy River

Endeavour River

Endeavour River, Cape York NRM

Burdekin River Pile Field

Burdekin River Pile Field, NQ Dry Tropics

Herbert River pile field

Herbet River – Terrain NRM