Neilly Group helped Cape York NRM to secure funding following on from our reconnaissance of their region. Neilly Group were initially engaged to undertake the design and approvals process for the two funded sites, with Neilly Group also successfully tendering for the construction of the works. We undertook project management, landholder engagement, detail design of remediation measures, obtained environmental approvals including a development application for one of the sites, procurement of materials, engagement of construction contractors and revegetation experts and completed the design and construction of the two sites within 24 months. The two sites consisted of the following type of works: 

One site to remediate an eroding section of bank of the Endeavour River in close proximity to a house and shed. The works at this site included the construction of a rock toe filter to manage the extensive seepage of three natural springs located along the toe of bank at the site, bank battering works to provide a stable bank grade for revegetation works and the planting of approximately 1100 trees and installation of an irrigation system to ensure success of the revegetation works. 

One site (ER2) that was suited to the installation of a timber pile field located on the outside bend of a sharp meander of the Endeavour River. The bank at this site was approximately 10m in height and vertical, requiring a large volume of excavation and the management of significant challenges due to the presence of flowing water in the bed of the channel and the risk of crocodiles. · Across the two sites we remediated 7350 m of stream bank, installed 213 timber piles, imported and installed 1057 tonnes of rock, reprofiled streambanks undertaking 17,188 m3 of excavation and planted 2030 native trees. 

Cape York, QLD