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Neilly Group are specialists in flood risk, hydrology and hydraulic assessment. We have extensive experience in helping clients understand flood behaviour, even where no record of flooding exists, in the context of impact assessment, engineering/mining works and natural resource management.

Neilly Group are specialists in hydrology and hydraulic modelling (particularly 2D) and will put our specialist skills to use to help you with:

Impact assessments
  • Developing flood risk mitigation solutions.
  • Dam and levee failure assessments.
  • Identifying the population at risk from flooding.
  • Consequence category assessments for dams and levees.
  • Identifying the duration of restricted site access due to flooding and evacuation time frames.
  • Insurance claims resulting from flooding.
  • Determination of cause(s) of flooding.
  • Claims for lost production due to flooding.
  • Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) technical studies (surface water).
  • Anticipated changes to flood risk resulting from development.
Engineering works
  • Mine planning and locating infrastructure outside the flood zone.
  • Watercourse diversion design and levee design to protect against extreme events.
  • Surface water management including clean and mine affected water management.
  • Sizing cross drainage for roads, haul roads, rail lines.
  • Dam sizing for water storage and sediment retention.
Natural resource management
  • Fish passage design.
  • Stream stability assessments for streambank erosion.
  • Stream rehabilitation including pile fields, bank battering and rock armouring.
  • Wetland inundation.
  • Duration of inundation and risk to agriculture.


Recent Projects

Reef Catchments Mackay Whitsundays Cyclone Recovery Business Case

Mackay Whitsundays Cyclone Recovery Business Case, Reef Catchments

Reef Catchments Cherry Tree Creek Options Assessment

Cherry Tree Creek Options Assessment, Reef Catchments

Pile Field Design For Bank Erosion Mitigation

Pile Field Design For Bank Erosion Mitigation

Nq Dry Tropics/Lower Burdekin Water Saltwater Creek Fishway Design

Saltwater Creek Fishway Design, NQ Dry Tropics/Lower Burdekin Water