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Neilly Group engages a core group of sub-contractors who have been mentored and upskilled in the art of environmental construction projects. Since 2019 NG have partnered with our sub-contractor, Colls Earthmoving, on the construction of ten gully remediation sites. Through this partnership, Colls Earthmoving have transitioned from a traditional earthmoving contractor with a focus on roads and mines, to a company with the capacity to implement intricate soil amelioration and revegetation works.

Skill development, especially in contractors expands their ability to implement complex designs which reduce the export of sediment to the GBRL and builds capacity into local communities. Another example of this work is the project NG completed for Southern Gulf NRM in 2020. NG contracted the landholder to carry out the bank reprofiling earthworks component of the remediation treatment. This project motivated the landholder to start an earthmoving business. Under the guidance of NG engineers, the landholder and his work crew completed the works program over a 12-week period, including the replanting of vegetation. The bank reprofiling earthworks were executed using scrapers, bull dozers, a grader and water truck.

Two recent projects completed for Cape York NRM in the Endeavour River near Cooktown utilized the services of a local business to complete the revegetation work for these sites. This business had no experience in revegetation work, but under the guidance of Neilly Group staff was able to complete a successful revegetation of the sites. Works included installation of irrigation system, seeding of sites, hydro mulching of sites, planting of trees and mulching.