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Chris Dench | Reef Catchments

All work completed to a high standard at a competitive cost.

Christian Cormac | Glen Bowen Station (Landholder)

We bought the property in 2004 and noticed these gullies, that really stood out, we knew they needed to be addressed. This gully was done four years ago now. Beforehand there was no grass, there might have been two or three trees. Neilly Group throughout the whole process, I really couldn’t fault them. They were very approachable and good to deal with. I would have no doubts recommending them or in working with them again.

Gulf Savannah NRM (formerly Northern Gulf NRM)

In 2020, the Northern Gulf Resource Management Group (NGRMG) received joint funding from State and Federal government’s Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA). This funding was secured to assess and remediate priority gully erosion sites across the Gulf following the North and Far North Queensland Monsoon Trough (“the Trough”) rain event which occurred in early 2019. The objective of the works was to improve catchment condition following the Trough and enhance resilience of the waterways to future disaster events.

Following an extensive aerial and ground-based reconnaissance program, several priority gully erosion sites were identified in the upper Norman River and Gilbert River catchments. Of these priority sites, NGRMG received funding to remediate six eroded gully sites across two very remote pastoral properties. These gully sites consisted of a mixture of broad-scale alluvial and concentrated linear gully systems.

The main objectives of the gully remediation was to:

  1. Significantly reduce large volumes of sediment entering into the adjoining major streams and river systems during future flow events.
  2. Significantly reduce large volumes of sediment eventually discharging into the environmentally sensitive coastal wetlands of the Gulf of Carpentaria during intense weather events such as those observed in the ’Trough’ of 2019.
  3. Improve the land and fencing condition of the pastoral properties associated with the gully erosion sites.
  4. Improve the landscape’s resilience to future drought and flood events.

NGRMG engaged Neilly Group Engineering (NGE) to undertake extensive field investigations and engineering design for all of the six gully systems that were to be remediated. These activities were achieved on time and within budget. Following this, NGRMG went on to engage NGE as the Principal Contractor for all remedial works across the six gully sites. In June 2021, all six gully sites were 100% complete, with all works coming in on budget and on time. After a final inspection by the Department of Environment and Science, project completion sign-off was achieved.

NGRMG have no hesitation in recommending NGE for any gully remediation engineering works as our experiences with the group have all been very positive. We acknowledge NGE’s absolute technical expertise, project management capabilities and professionalism in the delivery of their services.

Holly Urquhart | Southern Gulf NRM

Easy to get hold of, provision of high-quality work without micromanagement and without delay. We have contractors who don’t care for deadlines or take pride in their work – this is something we definitely don’t have to worry about with NG!

Jennifer Mackenzie | Terrain NRM

Neilly Group has a very low overhead cost base. As such, they can provide a high quality of service to customers and look after their own employees, at a much better cost base than their competitors. They provide outstanding value for money compared to other, larger engineering firms because they have the perfect balance in their cost model vs the services they provide

Karen Toms | Healthy Land & Water

Mr Adrian Crocetti was engaged by Healthy Land and Water to facilitate the Erosion and Sediment Control Field Day on 8th November 2022.

He gave a highly engaging presentation, and we received positive feedback from attendees.

His communication style pre, post and during the event was very approachable and helpful.

He provided helpful advice in the lead-up to the event, and showed a willingness to work with Healthy Land and Water to make the event successful.

His knowledge of ESC and his experience with the local industry and stakeholders meant that the information he provided to attendees on the day was well informed and valuable.

The event ran smoothly and to time and was overall very successful.

We wouldn’t hesitate to hire him the same capacity again for future events.

Matt Lindsay | NQ Dry Tropics

Neilly Group demonstrated value and quality in a competitive process and delivered as promised

Matt Moore | Catchment Solutions

Terrific service, can speak to anyone in the team whenever you need them or have a question to ask. Great quality work.

Michael Goddard | Cape York NRM

Neilly Group’s focus on cost reduction allows us to invest more dollars in on-ground activities and continue to invest in our landholders. The lack of charges for capital city head offices allows for the organisation to minimise costs. The quality of work and detail provided continues to meet and exceed our requirements. Neilly Group’s focus on customer satisfaction is exceptional.

Mick Comerford | Exmoor Station (Landholder)

Adam and Jason Neilly came out and had a chat to us, which was very impressive, because they are the directors of that business. To speak with them directly and they be as upfront and honest as they were, really impressed us. The Reef Credits are obviously going to be beneficial to a lot of people. The gullying on the property was irreparable and basically useless to us. But now being able to get some sort of incentive to lock that country up and improve it, well that’s a benefit to everyone.

Paul Godfrey | NQ Dry Tropics

Good value for money compared to their competitors.

Rachel Bryan | Fitzroy Basin Association

Very helpful with advice in addition to the technical designs they provide, have supported our programs beyond the work they have been paid to do. Their works are of a high standard and they stick to the timelines they advise. Good rapport with the FBA project team and landholders they have visited.

Scott Wilkinson | CSIRO

Working for several delivery partners in the Reef Trust Phases II and IV erosion control programs, NGE has designed hydraulic structures (rock chutes, diversion banks, rock check dams) and civil works (gully reshaping) for erosion control at many sites including several very large sites. They have produced baseline sediment yields calculated from LiDAR DEMs and sediment reduction estimates using methods from the Gully and Stream Bank Toolbox. The methods they used have included constructing and cross-referencing fine resolution DEMs of sites to enable accurate DEM of difference analysis of erosion volumes, estimating design runoff rates, hydrodynamic modelling to check and refine design performance, drone photogrammetry and photography. Their documentation has been clear and comprehensive. The work has generally been accepted without revision or with minor revision to suit program requirements. NGE has been responsive to requests for information. I am aware that they have also supervised and constructed these types of works at several sites, although I have not visited those sites. My role as independent technical reviewer has included reviewing concept designs and detailed designs and advising delivery partners to ensure work is suited to the purpose and cost-effective. I also review site monitoring plans and assessments provided by delivery partners.

Sunny Behzadnia | Greening Australia

Due to the high quality of their work and product, they have helped us to reduce our project risks.

Vanessa Drysdale | Terrain NRM

Overall fantastic products served on a platter of professionalism and consistency with a side of laid back, easy going approach-ability plus a generous serve of work ethic and innovation. Neilly Group may be small in size but it punches well above its weight. Would choose these guys every time.