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Neilly Group have applied their expertise in the design of streambank erosion remediation works for mining companies and NRM groups throughout Queensland. We draw on our skills in hydrologic and hydraulic modelling and our experience in waterway engineering to develop design solutions that meet the needs of stakeholders while being cost effective to design and construct.

Neilly Group were instrumental in developing the business case for Reef Catchments to obtain funding for streams that had suffered significant streambank erosion during Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie in the Mackay and Whitsundays region. This funding was obtained through the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) program which is jointly funded by the Queensland and Australian Governments.

Neilly Group have also utilised recent advances in hydraulic modelling software to develop an innovative approach to pile field design for streambank remediation. A recent example of our design approach resulted in a 30% decrease in construction costs for a client, while still achieving the same design intent that would be achieved from traditional pile field design methods.

Our expertise in streambank erosion remediation design includes:
  • Geomorphic stream stability assessments to identify fluvial geomorphic processes leading to channel erosion.
  • Production of sediment loss “heat-maps” derived from the comparison of repeat survey data, where available, to identify where sediment is being eroded, where it is being deposited, and to help identify the net loss to the system.
  • Local or regional scale hydraulic stream stability assessments to identify locations most at risk of undergoing erosion for priority action.
  • Concept through to detail design for streambank erosion remediation measures including:
    • Bank battering and rock toe revetment;
    • Pile fields and rock groynes;
    • In-channel rock chute grade control structures; and
    • Rock lined batter drains to manage erosion caused by lateral inflows.
  • Construction support and quality assurance of engineering solutions, including Chartered Professional Engineer/Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland certification of designs and as-constructed works.
  • Concept through to detailed design for streambank erosion remediation measures including:
    • Log Jams
    • Revegetation


Recent Projects


Bowlin Road – Fitzroy River

Endeavour River

Endeavour River, Cape York NRM

Burdekin River Pile Field

Burdekin River Pile Field, NQ Dry Tropics

Herbert River pile field

Herbet River – Terrain NRM