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Neilly Group has extensive technical ecology experience working within terrestrial and coastal environments. We have experienced ecologists that work closely with clients and governmental sectors to create solutions that build on desirable Project outcomes and positive environmental changes. We deliver data based on robust scientific methods providing advice clients can trust. We are specialised in survey design, ecological monitoring, impact assessments ranging from urban areas to remote greenfield sites.

Our expertise includes:
  • Flora, fauna, and vegetation surveys required for the approval processes
  • Protected Plants Surreys and permits
  • Marine plant surveys
  • Vegetation surveys (Regional Ecosystem, Bio condition Assessments)
  • Biosecurity surveys (weed management planning, control, and maintenance programs)
  • Threatened Species Assessments: Targeted species surveys compliant with State and federal legislation, compliant with survey requirements for EVNT species (expertise in Black throated finch, Bare-rumped sheath tail bat, Squatter Pigeon, Australian snipe, and Water mouse surveys).
  • Wetland mapping
  • Ecological restoration and rehabilitation surveys and monitoring
  • Revegetation planning, mapping, and integration with detailed design


Recent Projects


Bowlin Road – Fitzroy River

Endeavour River

Endeavour River, Cape York NRM

Burdekin River Pile Field

Burdekin River Pile Field, NQ Dry Tropics

Herbert River pile field

Herbet River – Terrain NRM