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A major component of managing the impacts of infrastructure on natural surface water environments is the design and implementation of fish passage works to facilitate the movement of native fish species past man-made fish barriers such as culverts and weirs. We utilise strong technical skills in hydrologic and hydraulic modelling and environmental engineering to develop concept through to detailed design of fish passage works in consultation with our fish biology expert partners.

Throughout the design process we liaise extensively with our clients and other stakeholders, as required, to ensure their needs are met and to develop designs that are tailored to each specific site. We provide construction support to ensure engineering designs are constructed to specification, including Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ)/Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) sign-off for our designs and constructed works. We also provide RPEQ/CPEng review and sign-off on third party fish passage designs and constructed works.

Our approach to fish passage design includes:
  • Assessment of stream geomorphology to understand design requirements and the potential risks to the operation of the proposed fish passage works.
  • Hydrologic and 2D hydraulic modelling to determine the impacts that proposed fish passage works will have upon:
    • The ability of fish species to migrate upstream, to quantify the benefit of constructing a proposed fishway; and
    • The impacts that the fish passage works will have upon flood hydraulics.
  • Concept through to detail design of fish passage works including rock ramp fishways, vertical slot fishways and culvert and bridge upgrades.


Recent Projects

Nq Dry Tropics Lower Burdekin Water Rock Ramp Fishway Design Lilliesmere

Lilliesmere Creek Fishway Design, NQ Dry Tropics/Lower Burdekin Water

Nq Dry Tropics/Lower Burdekin Water Saltwater Creek Fishway Design

Saltwater Creek Fishway Design, NQ Dry Tropics/Lower Burdekin Water