Neilly Group (NG) were engaged by Greening Australia, in conjunction with FRUITION Environmental, to undertake design of remediation measures for a 4.1-hectare alluvial gully located on Strathalbyn Station near Collinsville. The works designed included:

  • Reshaping and bank battering of the entire alluvial gully, achieving a balance between cut and fill to avoid the need to import or spoil material.
  • Design of a rock chute to convey catchment flows safely into the bed of the reshaped gully, with an accompanying set of overland flow diversion bunds to ensure the rock chute does not get outflanked.

The works were funded through the Innovative Gully Remediation Project which is a collaborative project jointly funded under Greening Australia’s Reef Aid program and the Queensland Government’s Great Barrier Reef Innovation Fund, managed by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. The works were constructed by Rugendyke & Bashforth Contracting in partnership with FRUITION Environmental. The photographs show the gullies prior to and after the construction of the works designed by Neilly Group Engineering.

Strathalbyn Station, Burdekin River Basin, QLD