Neilly Group (NG) developed an implementation plan for the remediation of streambank erosion in the Cassowary Creek and Saltwater Creek Catchments under the Mossman Waterways project for Terrain NRM. The project funding (delivered by the Queensland Government) is aimed at improving the health of waterways in the Mossman area. The project is part of the overall Natural Resource Investment Program (NRIP) for 2018-2022 and is to be delivered in partnership with Cane Growers, Mossman Ag Services and Douglas Council. The project will work with landholders to implement activities that contribute to building stable and resilient landscapes through improving the condition and extent of native riparian vegetation, stabilising watercourses and improving property drainage. The project is funded by the Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME) – Natural Resources Investment Program. 

A total of nine sites in the Cassowary Creek catchment and six sites in the Saltwater Creek catchment were inspected for the project. Concept design was undertaken for these sites as part of the site prioritisation. 

Following the development of this implementation plan Neilly Group undertook detailed design of two associated stream bank erosion sites. Both designs involved rock toe protection, bank battering and revegetation.

Cassowary & Saltwater Creek catchments, Mossman, QLD