Neilly Group (NG) were engaged by Cape York Natural Resource Management to undertake site inspections and the identification of potential gully erosion that would be suitable for remediation on several cattle stations located on Cape York under funding obtained from the Reef Trust Gully Erosion Control Programme, which is funded by the Australian Government.

The site inspection included an aerial flyover by helicopter to locate gullies for on-ground inspection. The project included engaging with the landholders of each property to gain their insight into the causes of gully erosion on their properties and their ideas for remediation.

The proposed remediation measures designed by NG consisted of rock chute grade control structures to remediate linear head cut erosion, reshaping and capping to remediate large alluvial gullies and design of the reinstatement of road surfaces and “woah boys” to remediate gully erosion that had formed within dirt access roads. The photographs show two of the gullies that were assessed and had remediation measures designed.